Bitman Candy Token

210 Billion
Token Amount,
No More Poverty!

  • Bitman Candy Token airdrop

    Bitman, BMAN in short, commits to make everyone in the world own their digital assets and experience the benefit of digital assets with no threshold. Bitman wants to spread blockchain knowledge to everywhere on the earth.

  • 210 billion bitman token all given away for free

    Bitman issues 210 billion candy token, there will be no team reserved or premined, all will be given away, which leads to truly decentralized.

  • 10 benefits for participating

    "Sign up for 10k token, inviting one friend for another 10k token, no invitation limit
    Two exchanges will list Bitman
    The top 10 inviters will get the reward of 1million token
    1 member will be picked up everyday for 1 million token
    Bitman anniversary invitation
    Projects that are crowdfunding on FinChain will provide proportion of token sale for Bitman Candy investing
    The most expanded cryptocurrency
    To be one of the world's biggest community
    Devote your power to spread blockchain knowledge to the world.
    Ones who have invited a big amount of members may have the chance to be the administrator of the community (With reward)"

  • The waelth myth, Ripple

    "Isussed in March 2013
    Trading start in April 2014
    Token amount 100billion, issuing price 0.0000001USD
    The highest price went to more than 2 USD, price went up for 22857142 folds in 4 years
    You bought 1 USD in Ripple 4 years ago, now you are a millionaire now
    There is no other industry has this magic
    Now bitman offers the chance to you"

  • Bitman Introduction (attention)

    Bitman is a community start activity. There is no relevance with private sale, ico or market manipulation. Bitman token given away only for marketing, official will never charge moncy to anyone. Any charging and scams in the name of Bitman are frauds. Bitman is a token, not a currency, can be used on the bitman platform

  • FinChain Introduction

    FinChain aims to create a global smart finance platform that integrates the functions of digital assets issuances, transactions, and management based on smart contracts, powerful community , blockchain and artificial intelligence technology.

Step1 Your verification code :A456EP

( Send the verification code to the telegram group )

Step2 Join the Bitman Candy telegram group

You're going to get 10,000 tokens

( after group verification )
Invite friends to register and get 10,000 Bitman Candy Tokens
  • M1 Penple:4546
  • M2 Penple:4546
  • M3 Penple:4546
  • M4 Penple:4546
  • M5 Penple:4546
  • M6 Penple:4546